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Default substance abuse counselor training and have a felony

My heart is in Christ and for others who on the road to recovery. I am currently enrolled in kaplan university Psychology online. I have a felony and know that there are many obstacles to deal with with this on my record. Please anyone can point me to what jobs can I get into with a felony and after I get my ba in Pysy Next is masters and Phd just to counter balance the inabilities of the other issues in getting into fields etc. I want to use these skills to reach as many as possible. Pirison ministry etc. I do live in texas and so i understand there are certain rules and certifications i may or may not be able to. Also i wish to be a life coach and know that i must be careful in how i use my pysch with not crossing the line yet helping people and having a residual income. I still need to feed family i am in it for faith and family the financial will come in the final hour.Thank u and God bless! Phillip

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Chewi (08-07-2011)
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Hi Phillip,
Glad to see you are doing well. I don't know how much of an obstacle having a felony will be in your profession but I will pray that you find a position that will allow you to use your experience to help others.
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Chewi (08-07-2011)
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I also do not know specifics, but the best thing is to be honest with your professional boards and ask them for the answers. I would think that drug and alcohol rehab centers would be more forgiving and likely to hire drug and rehab counselors as long as you have some good sobriety time behind you. You might want to check with these types of employers and find out what the laws are in regards to these. Also, find out how much time you need in sobriety, since the felony occured, etc.

Depending on what your felony is, you might even want to contact a lawyer and see if there is a possiblity of having it expunged from your record. In some case, with a certain number of years of staying clean and out of trouble it may be possible.

I like yukonm will pray that God puts you in just the right place. God bless you for straightening out your life!
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yukonm (08-09-2011)
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not sure about Texas
but here in Calif
if one has been sober for a while
and can prove much AA attendance
with about a thousand dollars and a fair attorney
the courts will drop most felonies down to a misdemeanor
especially when the one asking is asking because
it would help them to get a good job

it is worth the free call to a lawyer
they should be able to give a good idea right on the phone

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Chewi (08-08-2011)
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Hello, Phillip. I have just completed the required training to be a Substance Abuse Counselor. It was in-class training. I am 3 years sobered, still married to the same women, have 5 years old son. I am 45 years old, and matured in my career. I do not know your situation, but please consider my story.

During the training, I have learned SAC is the profession most prone to relapse, and pay is about 1/5 of my current earnings. I did not tell my wife I wanted to be SAC, and could not tell her I was taking the course. She still has no idea. I thought she might be afraid.

I was drunk during all of marriage, then I was gone most of nights to AA. All I talk about is the program. I figure, she still does not have her husband. I am trying my hardest to cut my meeting down to 8, but no avail. I could not take away the income that I bring home. Believe me, I do not have that drive for success. I would like to spend all my time talking to drunks.

Do you think I am being selfish? Fulfilling my needs at the cost of her dream and long over due security? If it is my calling, it will find it's way. I enjoyed the class and classmates very much. And I believe being a caring and skillful counselor is the closest human form to my creator. I decided to wait. God does not need another counselor, but I need God. I do not mean to burst your bubble, but if you are anything like me, I am a still self-centered alcoholic with grandiosity. By no means, I am accusing you to be one. Trust me, I feel your passion.

I shall wait.
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Chewi (08-09-2011), yukonm (08-09-2011)
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HI TAOT, there is some great wisdom there. Certainly there are also other professions available.

Other ideas are: when I was in CA, there were job assistance agencies for those seeking jobs and coming out of jail. Here in PA, the unemployment office actually offers a great deal of help and information in finding jobs and in your state they may be able to get you info on jobs right for you.

As always, pray, pray, pray, and God will lead you in the right direction.
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career change, Felonies, prison ministry

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